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Crate's Versions streamline song experimentation by storing and organizing multiple versions of songs, enabling musicians to easily compare to make songs the best they can be.

Adding Versions

We've made it easy and fast to add versions to songs in your Crate. From most places in the app, adding a new version can be accomplished in a handful of clicks. Follow the tutorial below if you are having trouble adding versions to your Crate. If yo

Version Info

You can set a Version Title and add Version Notes for each version in your library.  These features are designed to help you stay organized and keep track of the changes you make as your song evolves. Use Version Title to stay organized and track whi

Setting Current Versions

Current Versions in Crate allow you to keep your songs up-to-date as you add versions and make changes. To learn more about using Current Versions, follow the guide below. Set your Current Version using the star icon to the left of each Version in th

Downloading Versions

Downloading Versions from your Crate happens in one click. Click the download icon next to any version to download it to your device.

Deleting Versions

You can delete Versions from your Crate at anytime. Follow the guide below to learn how.