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Uploading SongsUpdated a year ago


We made adding a song to your Crate fast because we want you to upload and go. With Crate, we made time-consuming uploads (Cough, cough — SoundCloud😳) a thing of the past. To learn how to add songs to your Crate, follow the guide below.

First, click New in the top right corner of your Library:

Next, click New Song:

Then, select the file you would like to upload:

From there, add your Song Name (Or don't, it's not required):

A quick tip: Crate will automatically name your song for you if you choose not to add a Song Title and Artist Name, making the upload process even faster.

And your Artist Name (Again, not required):

Lastly, click Close:

A quick tip: When you click Close, all of your changes are automatically saved.‍

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