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Version InfoUpdated a year ago

You can set a Version Title and add Version Notes for each version in your library.  These features are designed to help you stay organized and keep track of the changes you make as your song evolves.

Set Version Title:

Use Version Title to stay organized and track which Version is which. 

A quick tip: Helpful version titles might look like this: “Demo 1,” “Mix 1,” Mix 2 - Drums up.” Anything to help you remember what’s what.

Using Version Notes:

Use Version Notes, located by opening your Versions, to remember important details of each Version.

A quick tip: Adding notes like “No bass” or “No vocals - Verse 2” can help you keep track of the changes you make from Version to Version.

To explore Version Info, follow the short guide below.

First, open the Version you would like to edit:

Next, select edit the Version Title:

Add Version Notes:

Then, click Save:

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